About Steve Lawrence

50eddbc9087e5_@!@_p1333524620-4Steve Lawrence is the President of Trinity Company, a Nassau-based financial management firm which specializes in private equity investments. Prior to opening his career, he studied politics and philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, from which he received his Bachelor of Arts as well as his Master of Business Administration. After departing his native Canada, Steve Lawrence formed strong ties to the Bahamas, having made it his home and the locus for his career over the last 10 years.

Beyond his professional life, Mr. Lawrence has dedicated his time and personal resources to improving the lives of many Bahamians through his philanthropic endeavors. He founded the Lawrence Family Foundation (LFF) in 2005 to fund and carry out charitable works for the homeless of Nassau, senior citizens, youth, and others in need. The LFF supports the Unity Home for the Aged as well as the Saint Matthews and Ebenezer Methodist soup kitchens.

The community outreach made possible by the LFF extends to a variety of other programs and organizations. The Foundation provided charitable swimming lessons to Bahamians through SWIM Bahamas and supplied Kevlar vests to the local police force. In addition, Steve Lawrence has been a donor of Christmas gifts to children in the Golden Gate Community through the LFF and has supported the Kerzner Charitable Foundation and the National Family Regatta.


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