Why Children Should Take Swimming Lessons

A professional investor based in the Bahamas, Steve Lawrence contributes to the island country by engaging in many humanitarian projects funded by the Lawrence Family Foundation. One of Steve Lawrence’s projects involved developing SWIM Bahamas, a program that organizes swimming lessons for Bahamians in need.

Swimming lessons can be an important part of a child’s development. Knowing how to swim could save a child’s life. Most experts agree that children should be exposed to swimming lessons at a young age, and classes for children as young as 6 months of age are often available.

Regardless of when a child starts, experiencing bodies of water at a young age offers numerous benefits. Lessons teach students how to feel more comfortable in the water and how not to panic if they fall into a pool or other body of water. Overcoming a fear of the water can help children appreciate the natural beauty of water and underwater habitats.

Many courses provide safety and life-saving instruction related to following rules and performing rescues. Learning new abilities builds confidence among youths. Additionally, swimming serves as a fun form of physical activity, and it exercises numerous muscle groups simultaneously. Swimming lessons can also introduce children to competitive swimming.


Steve Lawrence – Supporting Seniors in Need in the Bahamas

Through his family foundation, the Lawrence Family Foundation (LFF), Bahamas resident Steve Lawrence supports a number of charitable causes in the Nassau area. One particular area of focus for LFF is helping senior citizens who are disadvantaged or neglected. Through organizations such as the Unity House Home for the Aged and St Matthews Elder Day Care, Steve Lawrence and LFF hope not only to provide support to seniors in need throughout the Bahamas, but also to dispel some of the major myths that persist concerning aging and the elderly. Below are some of the most common myths regarding seniors:

Seniors are different from the rest of us.
Somehow, it is easy to overlook the fact that older people are simply people who have been alive for a long time. People of all ages work, develop relationships, pursue leisure activities, learn new things, and remain involved in what is going on in their cities and communities. These activities are by no means restricted to the young.

Seniors are a burden on their communities.
Many seniors make great contributions to their communities, not only by practical actions like working and volunteering, but also by acting as living guardians of a community’s culture and history.

Seniors are not able to make decisions about themselves.
Older people are usually the best judges of their own needs; age alone, without any exceptional physical or mental health conditions, is not in and of itself a barrier to making decisions. Most often, seniors are perceived as helpless as a result of being placed in circumstances where they are not empowered or encouraged to express their own opinions and desires.

Bahamas Police Seek to Protect Tourists and Educate Youth

A prominent executive in the Bahamas financial community, Stephen Lawrence serves as president of the Trinity Company, a private equity and investment-management firm. In addition, Stephen Lawrence supports a variety of community service projects through the Lawrence Family Charitable Foundation. His giving focuses on helping the people of the Bahamas; one of his gifts equipped the Royal Bahamas Police Force with Kevlar vests.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, founded in 1840 by Inspector General John Pinder and 16 men, mostly former slaves, who came primarily from night-watch backgrounds, currently employs over 4,000 people and provides protection to the people of the Bahamas in accordance with the Police Force Act of 2009.

Per the act’s provisions, the commissioner of police periodically releases a plan that details proposed strategies and resource allocations. In the plan for 2014, Commissioner Ellison Greenslade expressed the intention to build on the force’s success in 2013 in reducing serious crimes, such as murders and robberies. He believes tourists rarely suffer risk of victimization, but he will dedicate special attention to ensuring that this remains the case anyway.

In addition to suppressing crime, Greenslade plans to improve training and increase the professionalism of the force so that officers do not abuse their powers or alienate the public. He will also support efforts to reach out to young people and build relationships between the force and the community in order to address potential root causes of crime.

The Lawrence Family Foundation – Promoting Good Works in the Bahamas

Steve Lawrence is a business executive active in charitable community work in Nassau and the greater Bahamas. He serves as the president and managing partner of the Trinity Company, a financial management firm he established in 2003, and as the chairman of the Lawrence Family Foundation, which provides financial support and other assistance to local individuals, families, and groups. Steve Lawrence volunteers weekly at different soup kitchens in Nassau.

Established in 2005, the Lawrence Family Foundation supports the local community and provides direct financial support to various organizations and groups serving Nassau and the Bahamas in general. Works and projects the Lawrence Family Foundation has supported include Unity House and St. Matthews Day Care Centre, both day care facilities for the elderly; the SWIM Bahamas Program, which provides swimming instruction to individuals unable to pay for lessons themselves; and door-to-door annual Christmas donations to families in need in the Golden Gates community.